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WLCA Wrap Up: Mad Hatter Kody




This week was fraught with Ustream bungles so unfortunately this massive undertaking of coloring Mad Hatter Kody is not recorded (one reason to tune in Live!) but I still have to share.

The pants.

The pants were an idea I had that I was so unsure about I put off until last even though I encourage you to tackle that kind of thing first but luckily I managed to pull them off. They’ve become known as the Epic Pants lol. Its a joke that I hope lives on 🙂

Another weird thing about this is even though this is the most colors I’ve ever pulled out for a Color Along and there are few repeats in any area it all goes together somehow. Explain that! I can’t.

Here’s the color list…

Skin: E000 E00 E11 E04 R11 R12
Hair: E97 E99 E18 YR14
Eyes: B60 B63 B66
Coat – V93 V95 V99 RV55 RV66 
Vest – YR04 YR07 YR24 YR27
Bow – BG34 BG45 BG49
Pants – YG11 YG13 YG17 YG95 Y38 E08
Shoes – E71 E74 E77
Socks – N3 N5 N7 N9
Hat – G43 G46 G99 YR04 RV55 RV66
Teapot: Y11 Y15 Y26
Shadows: BV20 BV23 BV25 BV29
and 0

see? massive.

Here’s the schedule for thru May…

May 1 – 1pm EST – Alice Mae (seemed appropriate after Mad Hatter.)
May 8 – 8pm EST – Picnic Mae
May 15 – 1pm EST – Pirate Kaylee
May 22 – 8pm EST – Dandelion Fairy
May 29 – 1pm EST – School Mae

I hope to see you there! 

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  1. I’m pretty sure this was the most Epic color along- with an Epic color list, some Epic Ustream issues and the most Epic of all? The EPIC pants! (And yes, that is now a joke that will live on forever 🙂 ). Thanks for the fun time and sharing your evening with us! Hugs!

    • Thanks for coming Katie! You’ll have to share your color along pic! You’re totes right, there was a lot of EPIC in this one. PHEW. It was Epic to even finish with the in and out lol

  2. LOVE LOVE the mad hatter image!!!! that’s my maiden name (hatter) so I LOVE anything with it!!!! great coloring, it looks amazing!!!

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