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WLCA Wrap Up: Mad Hatter Kody




This week was fraught with Ustream bungles so unfortunately this massive undertaking of coloring Mad Hatter Kody is not recorded (one reason to tune in Live!) but I still have to share.

The pants.

The pants were an idea I had that I was so unsure about I put off until last even though I encourage you to tackle that kind of thing first but luckily I managed to pull them off. They’ve become known as the Epic Pants lol. Its a joke that I hope lives on 🙂

Another weird thing about this is even though this is the most colors I’ve ever pulled out for a Color Along and there are few repeats in any area it all goes together somehow. Explain that! I can’t.

Here’s the color list…

Skin: E000 E00 E11 E04 R11 R12
Hair: E97 E99 E18 YR14
Eyes: B60 B63 B66
Coat – V93 V95 V99 RV55 RV66 
Vest – YR04 YR07 YR24 YR27
Bow – BG34 BG45 BG49
Pants – YG11 YG13 YG17 YG95 Y38 E08
Shoes – E71 E74 E77
Socks – N3 N5 N7 N9
Hat – G43 G46 G99 YR04 RV55 RV66
Teapot: Y11 Y15 Y26
Shadows: BV20 BV23 BV25 BV29
and 0

see? massive.

Here’s the schedule for thru May…

May 1 – 1pm EST – Alice Mae (seemed appropriate after Mad Hatter.)
May 8 – 8pm EST – Picnic Mae
May 15 – 1pm EST – Pirate Kaylee
May 22 – 8pm EST – Dandelion Fairy
May 29 – 1pm EST – School Mae

I hope to see you there! 


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