WLCA: Clever Kittys


I’m an epic fail at today. I spend one day off and look, brain goes boom. *shakes head*

Tonight at 8pm EST I’ll be coloring a bunch of furry kittys from the Clever Kittys Clear Stamp set by Some Odd Girl on the Wednesday LIVE Color Along on Ustream. I’m going to shoot for 2-3 kittys but we’ll see how we do. 

Here’s the colors I’m thinking about for tonight…

Kitty 1 Siamese
E40, E42, E44, E74, E77, B01

Kitty 2 Orange Tabby
YR20, YR21, YR24, YR27, Y15

Kitty 3 Mixed breed mutt cat 😉
C0, C1, C2, C3, C5, C7, 100

and shadow colors of BV20, BV23, BV25, BV29

I hope to see you on Ustream tonight at 8pm eastern time! 


  • Anna Sigga says:

    Love that kitty – and like last time I am gonna watch the recording! I am getting too old for late nights!

    But next week I am so gonna leave the cooking to my handsome man and watch it live!! 😉

  • Elena de Vicente says:

    It’s so cute! I love it!

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