Happy Birthday Dude!

Last week Friday was my Dude’s 6th birthday.

He’s my baby! And he’s 6!Β  :noes:

And Dude wanted an Angry Birds themed birthday. Some of you may know that once upon a time I was a Cake Decorator, now a days I only do it twice a year. Dude’s birthday and a month later, Chicka’s birthday, so I tend to try and make it special. Its fun for them and for me πŸ™‚

So this year I made Angry Birds fondant toppers for his chocolate cupcakes, he’s in an all boys Kindergarten and they were a hit!Β 


Then for his actual birthday party I made a sheet cake and sculpted some actual birds, again out of fondant, to decorate the cake with.


Before you ooo and ahhh those were my first ever fondant sculpts so if I can do it anyone should lol. Then the cake is just a sheet cake (again he wanted all chocolate) iced with chocolate fudge frosting then some green tinted butter cream that I piped on with the grass tip. The “wood” structures are vanilla wafer cookies.


I thought the cake was destined for the bin after that first pic but the grass sure brought it together!Β 

I worked on all of this over the course of 3 days. It might seem like a lot of time but my son was so excited and he told me he thought it was the best cake ever, which made every hour worth it πŸ™‚

Now I’m going to go snuggle him and nuzzle his short hair and pretend he’s tiny again.

Until he mentions burbs and toots.Β 

That kills the illusion.




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