WLCA Wrap Up: Sunny Tia


Its LIVE COLOR ALONG DAY! Today I colored the digital stamp Sunny Tia Live on Ustream

Here’s the colors I used today…

Skin: E50, E51, E11, E04, R11, R12
Hair: YR 21, E97, E99, E18
Clothes: BG34, BG45, BG49, E40, E42, Y11, Y13, Y26, Y23, O
Flower: Y11, Y23, Y26, Y28. G03, G09
Shadows: BG20, BG23, BG25
Eyes: YG03, YG17, YG67

Here’s March’s schedule too!

March 6 – 1pm EST – Sunny Tia
March 13 – 8pm EST – Peacock Kaylee
March 20 – 1pm EST –  Balloon Kaylee
March 27 – 8pm EST – Clever Kittys (March 18 release)

Today I know we had some people coloring along with me! I really hope we see some links when you are finished :DD I’m super excited to see how you did!

I’ll see you next week at 8pm EST maybe on Ustream, maybe on Google Hangouts. Depends on if I can figure it out by then :)



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