Lighting Lessons from Snow

After our last big snow, I went and walked around the yard as the trees and bushes with their small bare branches and the pines drooping with the heavy slush were just SO pretty. I’m not typically a snow person but there is a charm to a white and black sparkly world that happens after a storm and the sun comes back out.

The weird thing I noticed, and yup, call me an art nerd, but that where the snow was piling up on the branches, trunks and needles would be the same areas you would add highlights too in your coloring.

This is an awesome example…


Pretty cool , huh?

So while this might end up being the weirdest way I’ve told you about looking at lighting its pretty neat! I’ve got 9 pictures you can look at closer. Notice on the bushes that the areas that are further under the umbrella of the branches have less snow and the ones at the middle none or almost none… just like you would want if you were coloring them.

Just click on the image to see it bigger.

this proves that snow has more purposes than snowmen and hot cocoa 😉

I hope you find my weird observations and pics helpful!


  • Jan says:

    Your observations are not weird. You are blessed with the eyes of an artist! The shrubbery example tops any illustrative drawing I’ve ever seen. Thanks so much.

    • Kristy says:

      I’m so glad you find it useful Jan! I really liked the bushes too!

  • anat - tshupile says:

    Wow! Great mind!
    Love your pictures a lot. The shadow thing is so understanding like that.
    Anat (tshupile)

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