under the sea mae clear stamp from some odd girl

WLCA Wrap Up: Under the Sea Mae

under the sea mae clear stamp from some odd girl

Big THANKS to everyone who joined me last night for the Wednesday LIVE Color Along where I colored one of the Mermaids from the Under the Sea Mae Clear Stamp set from Some Odd Girl! You gals were a really fun and great group!  rckhnds

As I like to do here are some close ups of the finished coloring. I managed to get the subtle sparkle in from the Spica pens we used so YAY. Believe it or not these pics were taken with my phone as my camera batteries died on me so big props to technology and the phone lenses for the macro shots.  

Here’s the complete color list from last night

Skin: E000, E21, E11, RV00, RV34
Hair: RV10, RV23, RV34, RV55, RV66, BV23
Tail: RV10, RV23, RV34, RV55, RV66, RV69
Eyes: YG03, YG25, YG67
Shirt and Shell: E40, E42, BV20

For those of you skeptical about a pink mermaid……


B O O M!

I rest my case  😐

Next let’s check out the schedule coming up for February…

Feb 6 – 1pm EST: Brella Fairy
Feb 13 – 8pm EST: Love Bandit
Feb 20 – 1pm EST: Wishes
Feb 27 – 8pm EST:  Coy Kaylee

Take a look at the Clear Stamps and Digis on the docket and see if there’s any you want to add to your collection so you can Color Along with me :)  I’ll be coloring Wishes in Black and White, just an FYI. If there’s any techniques/questions you’d like covered feel free to leave them below and I’ll do my best to work them in :)

Thanks for watching!



  • Leah Crowe says:

    lol cheeky girl! That’s the great thing about imagination, you can color anything any color you want. LOVE this mermaid, your skillz slay me.

    • Kristy says:

      I like to bring the funny lol

  • Lizzie S says:

    I wish I was there! B/c I would have SOOO backed you up! The Little Mermaid is my FAVORITE movie EVER!!!!!!

  • Rachel Parys says:

    Me thinks it’s time to buy the mermaids!!

  • SarahC says:

    She’s gorgeous in any color. You do a great job and i am impatiently witing on the new fairies. thanks

  • Katie says:

    This Color Along rocked! Well, they all do, but this was definitely a fun bunch 🙂 I see some mermaid coloring in my future! Hugs, Katie

  • Tracy B says:

    Loved the colour along. I love touching base with other Oddies 😀
    I have a suggestion for a colour along – Using Greys on an image. This is something I struggle with. Also any tips on getting your light source correct over the whole project.
    Thanks for everything you share with us Kristy.

    • Kristy says:

      Coloring Black and White (or with Greys) is scheduled in for Wishes (see the above) 🙂 She seemed a fun choice for it! So glad to hear you liked it the show! 😀

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