Wednesday Live Color Along: Cowgirl Mae


This week I’m going to be color Cowgirl Mae (a digital stamp from Some Odd Girl), via request, on our Ustream Channel LIVE at 1pm EST

I couldn’t find a Cowgirl Mae example I colored to share… I’m not sure I’ve colored her yet is what that makes me think, so I guess we are going to have an adventure together today! 

If you become a follower of my channel you’ll get an Email reminder when we actually go live .

Here are the colors I’m intending, but might be tweaked come show time, today…

Skin: YR000, YR00, E11, E04, R30, R32, R35, BV20, BV23
Hair: E21, E74, E77, E79, BV25
Clothes: R22, R24, R37, R59, BV29, B93, B95, B97, BV25, BV29, E21, E23, E25, E27, E30, E33, E35, Y26, Y28

And here’s what’s on the docket for next week…

Jan 30 8PM EST – Under the Sea Mae (one of the mermaids)

I’d like to have a schedule up for Feb (at least) full of your requests! So leave me a comment with either images you’d like to see colored, techniques or colors you struggle with and I’ll work them in.

See you at 1pm!



  • Rachel Parys says:

    Love Cowgirl Mae, so does my dad. He actually dresses up like a turn of the century cowboy and competes in different rifle contests, so she is right up his alley! lol! (that’s what was on his bday card.) 😉 Any plans on some sporty girls in the future? My Maddie plays soccer and softball, and I know she would flip over an image like that!

    • Kristy says:

      Those are awesome ideas Rachel! 😀 I have a list of images “to-do” and I’ll add that to it.

      So cool about your dad! I can totally picture it.

  • JessicaK says:

    Anything that showcases how to better shade for drapes and folds, and for coloring red or black hair, please!

  • lykta says:

    I’d love to see you color in black and white!

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