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Here’s my week in Instagram 🙂 The posture of my son there says it all lol, he has a cold so is sleeping arm up on the back of the couch (nope, that isn’t an above shot). I’m never great at getting to sleep or staying asleep and this week esp with DH home on vaca I’m tirrrrrrrred. A lot of things behind the scenes has gone wrong this week but I’m still truckin along and getting things done…

Click the pics in the gallery below to see them bigger

1. We put some shelves up in the bathroom in a stroke of inspiration. 4 people in one tiny bathroom makes for a lot of stuff but I can finally see the counter and use the sink. Woohoo!

2. My cat has the craziest knack to come take my seat or lay on me right before I want to get up or sit down. 

3. Put up a couple shelves in my crafty space and my glimmer mist, who has been shoved in a drawer, that I couldn’t easily get to, now has a home. I can’t wait to use them!

4. Personal little pizzas for dinner one night. My son, who weirdly doesn’t like pizza, even ate some! 

5. A new drawing a got done this week

6. The Dude and the Couch heh

7. Chicka and DH watching football on Sunday. 


life rearranged

 One last thing for the week! Don’t forget to grab the sidebar badge for my 31 Days of How Tos, Giveaways and Tutorials to the left!

I’m celebrating my birthday (Oct 12) by gathering the best crafters to help me fill the entire month of October with How Tos, Tuts and Giveaways! Its going to be a lot of fun and I hope you’ll be here each and every day October 1 – 31.

BUT I’m kicking the fun off now to get ready, I have a blog badge that you can grab right now to the left and put it on your blog. During the month of October I’ll be giving out RAKs to people who comment that are displaying the badge on their blog. How easy is that? So I hope to see a lot of commenters sportin their badges!


  • Diana Fisher says:

    Love that arm picture! Little boys are just too funny. 🙂

  • Rachel Parys says:

    You crack me up! I am down with the Oct. badge!! Can’t wait to see what you gals have in store!!

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