Skulls? Yes, skulls.

I started working on something yesterday that a ton of people have asked me to explain and teach but I’ve never wanted to unless I can explain the “why” behind it and make it adaptable to any image. Its a creepy start to the project but oh so fun! 

Sketched out in pencil, inked with my Multiliner SPs then shaded with Copics (N’s). And the kicker for those searching for the perfect paper… I did it on  regular, thin, printer paper 🙂 The thin paper makes blending quick with a lot less ink. You have to be careful not to over saturate/over blend and have a light touch so you don’t lay down too much ink as you go. 

If you follow me on Instagram I like showing pics as go and this one I have a few pics in the sketch phase if you want to take a look. 

I can’t wait to share this project with you all! Its going to take a few weeks and I’m sure I’ll have some more sneaks along the way but feel free to guess 🙂


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