Home from CHA!

I’m finally home! I got to sleep in my own bed last night and got cuddles from my kids before we all conked out. Its amazing how tired you can get driving! 

The show was really fun and not to mention a major learning experience for me not only professionally but personally as well. Above you can see Annette and Leah (who were fabulous at keeping me sane at the show!) putting together one of the dreaded shoe cabinets (the first one was a hassle lol) for the booth. I really don’t know what I would have done without them standing strong and confident beside me! 

From that hot mess this is how our booth turned out. 🙂

We didn’t win the best new exhibitor booth award that I was hoping to win before we left (congrats to the winner!) but as I was standing there (the stage was right across from us) and the initial disappointment wore off I realized something. It was one of those flashes that I don’t think happen nearly enough, where everything is clear and in perspective. I realized that I didn’t want to win for the reasons that you might think, I realized that I wanted to win as a way of someone telling me I had the right to be there, that I was good enough. That what I was doing was worthwhile and not some crack pot dream.

I grew up as the only girl child from parents who made it clear that they had never wanted a girl and I think that has left me looking for that outside approval for pretty much ever. But as I looked at the booth I realized I didn’t need that award to feel like I’ve accomplished something because I had just by being there and I was proud of that. I LIKED my booth, it turned out pretty much like I had envisioned and I was proud of that too. There’s definitely room for growth and ways to improve but for once I can honestly say that I put everything I had out there, did my best and was content. If you know me you know that I always feel like I need to be doing more, that it all could have been better but this one time I am happy and proud. 

Not the happy go lucky post CHA post you  might have expected but there it is 🙂 

I did have a ton of people, exhibitors, retailers and some people that I respect and look up to come over and tell me how much they liked the booth and give some great encouragement and I have to thank them tons! Day one I was so nervous I barely ate for fear of it all coming back up and they really helped me feel comfortable by the end of the day. 

So overall the show was a big success, there’s a ton of work to do now, I have to put a lot of things away here at home and a groove to try to get back into. 🙂 That’s going to be the hardest part lol. No ready made breakfast and free evening drinks XD 


  • Diana Fisher says:

    I love the colors in your booth! The whole thing looks amazing and I know your heart went into every single part of it! It was great to see the pics, too. So happy for you!

  • Zoe Young Kirkby (@CraftygasheadZo) says:

    Your booth was fab, I enjoyed popping by the blog each day to see the latest news. You’re so right, you deserve to be proud anyway, you don’t need an award for that. You did a grand job and do every time you create your superb images that I now love so much. Take care Zo xx

  • Izzy Anderson says:

    I love the blue and yellow of your booth. So pretty. Great color combo. Big congrats to you. You deserve it!

  • Kim Swenson says:

    Your booth was FANtastic! All of your Oddies LOVE all of your designs and eagerly wait for the new ones to come out. You my dear have accomplished a ton in your young life. Keep following your dreams…YOU are making them into a reality.

    Hugs to you! Kim

  • Kerry says:

    So proud of you! Your booth looks great! That pool color is one we used at every show when I worked with Waste Not Paper and they have a fabulous eye for color. You probably got a lot of inspiration while being there and you will only improve. It is a huge accomplishment to be there and you should give yourself a big hug!

  • Mariska says:

    You can and you SHOULD be SO proud of yourself Kristy!! You should have been already with the fabulous things you make and draw, you have your own whole unique style and I love every new release you come up with. The booth you created for CHA was a real Kristy booth, I love the colors you used and that big Kaylee. Parents can make you and break you when you are a child but the Kristy who’s work I have been admiring for some time now can step up and be proud of the woman she has grown into. BIG hugs to you!!!


  • Mariska says:

    Oh and did I mention already dad I was really eager to see your video uploads each day? I didn’t win and that’s perfectly OK but I loved the idea of what you did with the tickets. Haven’t seen that before :).


  • Rachel Parys says:

    Your booth was wicked-awesome! It totally embodied your SOG style, and made a great statement. Besides, all that really matters, is that you like it! Now you have one under your belt, and the next one won’t seem so scary!!! Fabulous job girl!

  • Wendi R says:

    you should be sooo proud!!! that you made it to CHA and your booth is adorable!!! LOVE that blue!!!

  • Marilyn says:

    So glad the show was a success, and your booth looks adorable and just reflects who you are, yay! 🙂

  • Emma says:

    Oooh Kristy, You should be nothing but proud of putting yourself out there and having a go! You have an amazing talent and there are so many people out there who love your creations!

  • AmandaR says:

    One paragraph in your post was a shocker for me – I thought you would have had the “go follow your dreams” kind of parents (which makes me think there’s still hope for me!!), so you get a gold star for proving to yourself that YOU ARE AWESOME, Kirsty! You’ve already accomplished so much, can’t wait to see where the future will take you. xx

  • Julia L. says:

    I just wanted to tell you that you totally deserve to be at CHA! I just love your stamps and artwork! It is amazing! 😀 Great big digi hugs to you!

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