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Howdy! I’m back with a list of the promised winners of my giveaway. I LOVED reading all of the comments and I have so many ideas its nuts trying to figure out how to do them all but I’m going to try 🙂 I’ve picked our 7 winners and each will have 72 hours (so by Wednesday) to email me with your addy so I can send these out. If you don’t email by then I will pick again. Frankly, they’ve been next to me for two weeks hanging out under my feet it seems (not really under but you get the idea) and I don’t want to have any left. 

you have been warned  😐

Each winner will get one of the mystery boxes sent to them. Thanks to everyone for putting thought in and behind your comments/entries. Don’t hesitate to keep asking questions too! Up in my socialize buttons is a Formspring link (yellow, looks like a spring) so you can always hit that up if you think of something or ask in the comments of any post.

Here are our winners

1 Nitasha

2 Tanya

3 Amy

4 Julia L.

5 Shelley

6 SannaS

7 Jan F


Congrats everyone and thanks again! Happy Mother’s day too!


  • Leah Crowe says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!! Hope you are having a blast with your sweet kids!

  • Nitasha says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!! Wow, you just made my day even more special! Thank you so much! Sending you my snail mail right now…

  • Amy O says:

    I’m really in shock right now that I won again! Thank you so much! I’ve neve had this kind of luck in my entire life!

  • Emma (metalicbutterfly) says:

    Congrats ladies enjoy! X

  • Julia L. says:

    I sent you an email! Hope I’m not too late! 😀 So happy to have won, thanks so much!

  • CarlyJo says:

    Congrats winners, I hope you gals claimed the boxes 😀

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