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2 Years Ago

I kind of realized the other day that its been about 2 years since I began my Copic journey. That sounds, at the same time, a long time and a not so long time bc I know I have a ton still I want to learn. But anyway, since Melissa and I are getting ready to open registration for our next round of Created from Color’s Basic Copic Class I thought how embarassingly fun to compare THEN to NOW. 


I have these ideas and its good to go thru with them but hold on to your blind folds kids! Here goes a card from March 2010 with a since retired Kaylee (that’s changed a ton too LMAO!)

oh my.

Its not BAD but its not that awesome… but that’s also *now me* looking at it with a critical eye. SO here is one of my latest for comparison…

I KNOW I still have some things to learn but the point of this whole exercise is to appreciate how far you’ve come. I could make a list of things that old me did wrong and slap her wrists with the ruler of DUH or list off what now me could improve but that’s not really what its about. Sometimes you have to take a step back and just go yup. 

So what are you looking to learn or are working on? Any topic! 🙂


  • Corry

    I love the comparison! Take a confident person to say hey, look at me then! But look at you now girl! Certified, published….successful! Inspirational indeed!

  • Danni

    It is a continuing learning experience but always fun to see how we’ve progressed. You rock at every stage in the game though! 🙂

  • Lucianna

    I love that you showed where you started, it gives hope. I always love learning new things and it is sometimes hard to look back at those beginnings to see where you started, but such a good reminder of where your at 🙂

  • Leah the Orange

    seriously, i love them both, but your Peace Kaylee will always have a little place in my heart. your style, however, has not changed much! i have always loved your tendency to mix patterns and go for the bright, bold colours! and you have a total knack for showcasing your images beautifully, without busying the rest of the card up it loses its focus.

    have i told you lately that i luffff ewe? xo

  • Damaris V

    Many thanks for posting this. It gives me high hopes.

    I just automatically thought you were born with pencil on your left hand and a marker on your right… (you are THAT talented – in my book). Anyway, so when I see the improvement you had (in just 2 years) it gives me hope. It makes me feel like all the hard work that I continually do (to get better at coloring & shading) will one day pay off. You truly inspire me in so many ways (more than you know) and I won’t give up for a few reasons…. the main one being that I LOVE TO COLOR!!!

    P.S. What am I working on? Shading. Clothing. Light source. It’s the #1 villain in my copic life. *sigh*

    P.S.S. If you ever give a class on the above-mentioned topics, I’ll want to sign up!!

    x0, Damaris

    • Kristy

      LOL! I was never *really* interested in coloring my line work up until a couple of years ago so I never bothered to find what medium I like 🙂 Drawing though I’ve been doing since I can remember. My current style for SOG isn’t the style I grew up with (this is one of my favs from that style its just one that I really enjoy. So maybe not “born” with the pencil, mom wouldn’t have appreciated that much lol, its been a long time… I feel old now ha. I’m thrilled that I can inspire anyone! So thank YOU Damaris! HUGS!

      rePS we teach basic shading clothing and light source in the Created from Color Basic Class 😉

  • Michelle

    Wow it’s amazing how far hou’ve come in just two years in terms of detail in your character rendering! It’s really inspring to see your growth. Great post! Congrats on 2 awesome years.

  • Sonia

    Hi Kristy
    I love all your images and creations, you are a very creation girl… Wow! Thanks for all your inspirations.
    Greetings from Puerto Rico

  • *Queen* Britt

    Those are both so cute!!!
    I am learning (and still trying to learn) to forgive more lately. I have tons of stuff built up in my that is not so good. I want a life where I’m not holding on to much of that. I want to remember WHY it is so hard to forgive but I want to realize why it is so IMPORTANT to forgive. I don’t really know if that “any topic” thing was really open to non-crafting stuff, but I find that I’m channeling a lot of that need to explore forgiveness and find peace into my crafting. So I guess it’s related. Loosely, lol.

  • Sharon

    Wow you’ve come a long way, and to think only two years! Wow you are so talented. I’d love to learn how to color really curly hair…not wavy, but really curly…a good example would be the image of one of the Anya with bag girls from the greeting farm. She has extremely long curly hair and I have no clue how to do the shading lol. I still have so much to learn! Love your work!

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