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Howdy howdy! I shared this card on the Some Odd Girl blog on Monday if you want to take a peeky 🙂 I wanted to make sure I posted it here too. This is one of my cards I submitted to Papercrafts last call that didn’t make it but oh well, I had lots of fun making it. It seemed to come together so well and I was amazed at how many matching elements I had for this color combo lol.

In other news, heh roving reporter, I’ve got a few things in the works that are super exciting that fingers crossed comes to fruition. But right now the thing that has me the most excited is that the first class at Created from Color (besides a technical glitch that fried my brain figuring it out on day 1) is going fab! I’m having tons of fun meeting all of our students for this session! There’s such a diverse group of talented people that I am thrilled and just want to give them all big HUGS. 

Now if I could just have a live in assistant to keep up on the laundry and keeping things clean and organized I think I’d be a completely happy girl lol 

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  • Sheila aka SassyLady says:

    Hey, if you find the assistant…. said him or her my way!
    Love your little card and hope that I too will be able to color this nicely someday…. let’s be honest I would be thrilled with 1/2 as good! Have a great day.

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