CHA Recap Day 3

Day 3 and we’re kicking off in what seemed like to me the Disneyland of CHA, the happiest place on earth, Doodlebug’s booth! (Click any pic to see it bigger) If you know me you’ll realize just looking at the booth I could not fail to be attracted to the white, turquoise and lime combo. SWOON. Total fav! 

I want every single pack of these colored/shaped card base packs! Imagine the possibilites!

I already have the colored bling in the second row but its almost gone so you can bet I’ll be getting more, those buttons and that brad pack with the scissors and spools and hearts, can you say In Stitches Tia? PERFECT!

This is the Crate Paper booth. I love how they hung their papers and how the whole booth had such a homey feel to it! 

more from Crate. This line totally caught my eye! I really dig how almost every company is doing a 6×6 pad now too!

Here is October Afternoon’s booth. Not my greatest photography but their booth was always packed so getting a good shot was next to impossible lol. The clothes lines for the papers was really fun too

Next a couple yummy things from the Heidi Swapp booth. Excuse the blurriness, I think this is where my phone was like I’M A PHONE NOT A CAMERA and didn’t want to focus lol. OR it was one of those days we skipped breakfast and my hands were wobbley lol. Not a great combo. ANYWAY these are fab, sequined or glittered up, some on paper clips. All I could think of was SMASH book. I of course want them all XD

I was diggin on these little banners, especially the blank white ones. Mist’em, paper piece’em, color’em, glitter’em… anything you want! What a cute idea! I’ll say that I’m not usually a Heidi Swapp fan but her booth had a lot of great things in it!

And lastly today, for my Dude, these foam Angry Birds. Red Bird and Poop On Bird (his name for white bird lmao!). Friggin huge and awesome. There was alot of Angry Birds stuff floating around CHA! Seemed a little weird but there it is. Well, I’ll have the last of my run down on TUESDAY. See ya then!

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