CHA Recap Day 2

Day 2 of the Recap! I’m trying to group things together so let’s see what awesomeness I have to share today… The above pic and the one below were on the sides and back of _____ booth. Its killing me that I can’t remember the name of the company (the ones coming out with the new pennant shaped pads)! This one little thing was so fun and one of my fav things from the show oddly enough. 

They speak to you eh? 🙂 I could have taken them home right in their frames and put them on my wall! 

Then we found this lovely in the Petaloo booth :DD Another nerd moment! I was walking with Melissa and I *might* have said SHUT UP and punched her arm… I do that on occassion lol. I think we were both super giddy to see a card by Zarah up there!

From there we HAD to talk to the ladies in the Petaloo booth! And they were all AH-MAZING! Very kind and generous in giving us some of their time 🙂

This display in the Maya Road booth really wanted to come home with me. It truely did! I had to tell it it needed to stay in the booth to do its job and I think we were both a little sad but it was true. In all the big boothiness of it all I find it funny that I am drawn to all of these detail items over the mass of yummy product on display and the make n takes. Maybe I’m weird but that’s apparently how I roll :3

This pic is from Saturday when we went into the show early with Carisa to drop off her projects to the amazing ladies in the Helmer Booth. THEY were a RIOT! :DD I loved the banter. As I was talking to them and Carisa my cohorts snuck off to do some exploring and I took this covert pic of them gawking at the Prima booth. :> It was a fantabulous booth! Then we did get to do a make n take with Donna Downy…

Leah has a pic of all of us together. It was funny how I have my blue hair and Donna has hers, Leah was wearing a blue clip in but Mel was without the blue. lol I’ll take a piccy of my make and take and share later but it was lots of fun, and she’s sold me on those paint sticks that I can’t remember the name of *sigh* too much fun!

Well that’s all I have for today! I’m really trying not to make posts that are like an encyclopedia O_o  I have 2 more days worth of pics so see you back here tomorrow then the last post will be on TUESDAY. HUGS!

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  • Leah the Orange says:

    yay recap! SO much amazing fun to be crammed into just a few days!

    OH, and the booth you’re talking about is MAMBI (me and my big ideas) – those pennant pads ROCK.

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