Sketch: kitty love

I have another lil sketch to share today! :DD I’m working on adhering to my new work schedule I created for myself. Its not a super rigorous schedule but it will include me NOT checking my email most afternoons (My name is Kristy and I am an email stalker) more than a couple of times. Basic gist of it as I know no one probably wants to be bored with the mundane details is computer work (email, editing, packing orders etc) in the morning, then TAKE AN ACTUAL LUNCH BREAK, then in the afternoon draw and color. I find that I get super caught up in the paper work and business bits and don’t draw enough. Correcting that right quick! I can check my email after lunch then right before DD gets off the bus Β then before dinner then DONE. Now that I have a smart phone I don’t have to stalk the computer lol. Wish me luck!

Also today at Some Odd Girl we are having our Valentine’s Digi Release! Hop over to the SOG Blog and check it out! πŸ˜€


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