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I’m taking this idea from Kellie’s blog. Who took it from… well hop over there and read her break down and list lol. Not the greatest pic of me ever but I dashed out of the house to watch the sunset that evening and didn’t put any makeup or do my hair all day. I knew I was hoping to take pics but that’s what happens with a last minute decision lol. That is my fav spot to be of anywhere so I just invite you to look at the sunset πŸ™‚

A. age :: 29 (for a bit longer πŸ™‚ )

B. bed size :: Queen! Much better than the full DH and I used to share before kids!

C. chore you hate :: Picking up after people. That about sums up alot of chores! lol

D. dogs :: nope πŸ˜€

E. essential start to your day :: caffeine and a onion bagel with cream cheese

F. favourite colour :: TURQUOISE! Always been my fav

G. gold or silver :: Silver, not super fond of gold

H. height :: 5 ft 8 in

I. instruments you play :: Β Played the Trumpet from early elementary but also the Alto Sax. I’m much more fond of the sax πŸ™‚

J. job title :: Which one? lullz. Mom, wife, artist, designer, Owner of Some Odd Girl, Secretary of the Co-op Preschool, Holmes πŸ™‚

K. kids :: 2, 3 if you count the cat

L. live :: Fennville, MI, USA

M. maiden name :: Zeimanis. (z-A-minz) Try pronouncing that out loud πŸ˜‰ I made quite a jump in the alphabet HA!

N. nicknames ::Holmes to my friend Trixie, kitten to my hubs.

O. overnight hospital stays :: 5 I think. Twice with the kids, once when I starting having the gall bladder issues when I was preggers, once after surgery to have the gall bladder out and once after a car accident when I was 8 months preggers.

Q. quote : To Live a creative life, we must lose the fear of being wrong. -Joseph Pierce Β I’m not quite there πŸ™‚

R. righty or lefty :: righty! Though I can play my trumpet with my left hand πŸ™‚

S. siblings :: 2 bros, one older and one younger.

T. time you wake up :: now, when the kids wake me up. School time at 6am.

U. university attended :: none, straight from high school to working girl.

V.Β vegetablesΒ you dislike :: raw spinach, brussel sprouts, lima beans… there’s probably more lol

W. what makes you run late :: getting everyone else ready then realizing I never got dressed :/

X. x-rays :: geez, more than I can remember. Mulitple times with my foot, ankles, wrist. Dentist too.

Y. yummy food :: Spicy Garlic Buffalo Wings from BW3

Z. zoo animal favourite :: are Deer in the Zoo? Those are my favs!


Let me know if you take this and run with it so I can come check it out! I hope everyone is having a great and crafty holiday weekend!


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