The last couple days…

Happily we are back with power and internet! YAY! Tuesday around 9pm we had a storm rip thru SouthWest Michigan. Where we are we were on the northern edge of the storm and seriously, I don’t want to see what happened to the people “in the red” of the storm if our area was any indication!

Hubs and I drove around a bit Wednesday evening, we went out to get something that didn’t require milk for breakfast from the store who just got their power back on,Β and while alot (according to him and my MIL who had been out in the AM) had been cleaned up and cleared we still found alot of destruction.

The FLAT roof on the local DIY Car Wash place was PEELED off. How the heck? Its flat!

A home in town. You can’t see it in this pic, shooting from a car is tough, but part of the front where the tree top his is caved in πŸ™

A “halved” tree on the side of the road. This storm made the night day there was sooooo much lightning! By dinner on Wednesday everything in the freezer was thawed (its still way hot!) and with an electric stove and no power DH got creative with the grill.

Pizzas on the grill turn out yummy but take alot of attention to keep from burning πŸ™‚ The bottom of the first was BLACK… though the top was fine lol. Luckily for us, if you can call it lucky, we discovered a downed line across the road. It ran thru the trees so it wasn’t spotted by the power company right off but a few hours after reporting it the calvary arrived!

Calvary in the way of 4 trucks and some strong yet tired looking guys to fix us up!

My camera has a nice zoom LOL! They were up in the trees down the road a smidge but I couldn’t resist! Just as it was about to go dark here Wednesday night power was restored!!! THANK YOU to the men in the trucks and bucket! They have had quite an exhausting last couple of days and bet they don’t hear that enough πŸ™‚ Phone was another story. We have DSL and that just came back tonight but finally things are back to normal. This summer has been storm season for us. Heat, mugginess and the lake make for fearsome weather. I’m happy we didn’t see anything worse around, it seems that all in all people were pretty lucky it was just trees and not houses coming down.

So that’s what I’ve been up to the last couple days πŸ™‚ Got a few cards done too. Also on Wednesday I got a little feature on Be @ Home’s Best of the Web. There was quite a few blogs featured but at least it might point you to some good new places! Check it out!

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  1. Wow all of the storm damage is scary stuff! Thank goodness you and your family are safe and sound! Congrats on the Best of the Web honors! You certainly deserve it! πŸ™‚

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