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Getting ready for this Intro/Sneaks Week AND getting ready to put our first catalog together has left me little crafty time but I managed to finish up a little book mark to go along with today’s sneak of Bookish Tia. I’m going to give it to my daughter for her books as I use my Nook but I think she’d love to have a little her to put in 🙂

This bookmark was fraught with stops and starts and I’m still not sure on how I like the end product but as long as Chicka likes it I’m going to call it a win! Tia looks a little more grown up this season, not sure how/why/when that happened but I can certainly say the same thing about my own daughter. She’s grown since…. well its noticable. She wore this dress the other day that Grammy bought for her at the end of last summer which was way to long/big. Now I need to retire it because its too short! Hopefully the clothes bought for her for back to school are still going to fit. Grammy has been buying since spring. Yay… not so much. lol!

I hope you’re enjoying the Sneaks so far this week and don’t forget our SALE going on AND to give me your opinion on yesterday’s post. 🙂




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