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Two new additions to my desk 🙂 No better way to wake up than with the smell of Hyacinth. The smell is so incredibly soothing, one of my two fav parts of spring. The other is Lilac but we’ll see if the frost kills them like last year. And my new friend is Eve from the Book Club collection at Momiji. We hit a big sales goal last month and she was my reward  :heart: The hubs thinks she looks like me lol

I’ll be back later today with piccys of my first two art prints! The first is on my desk now and the second is due for delivery this morning, I can’t wait to see it! It is the one that I showed the first line art on from THIS POST. I really like how it turned out and that says alot. Usually I just beat myself up over it and never really like anything I make.

At least all this waiting gives me time to clean up a bit and scan some things.  And to stop and smell my flowers more 😀

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