The birds and the bees

and the flowers and the trees… yeah, no one wants to hear me sing 🙂 The new Linky party is up at Paper Issues! This one is super fun its “the Birds and the Bees” in other words, show us your projects with birds and bees! We are already up to 62 linkys at least the first 25 being the PI team HA. Check out everyone’s projects and leave some love. Also I want to give a quick shout out to 3 chickas that are near and dear who have joined the team. SHOUT OUT to Zarah, Diana and Kellie! Welcome girlies!

I’ve got this card linked up, one of my favs 🙂

Got my new 6 things To-Do today:
1. Read more on Product Photo Styling
2. SOG Newsletter CHECK!!!
3. My Newsletter Article CHECK!!!
4. Sew 1 Project (my new foot is here!!!)
5. Blog CHECK!!!
6. Work area tidied up

yup I only got 5 of 6 yesterday. That’s bc I realized as I looked at the hoops I have done that I had no idea how to photograph them in a way that would show my style, and to get technical, bring my branding into the style of the photograph. Hence the To-Do got changed to read more on instead of doing. I could easily photograph everything on a plain white background but when you look at my style and brand do you really think that’s a good fit? I don’t. I figure I’m creative enough I can figure it out lol. Wish me luck there!

OH! One last thing! Digi Day is this weekend and Zarah already has up the Early Bird Challenge for you to play with! You’ll LOVE IT! Check it out and play with us! SOG is having a retirement sale on a few of our images right now too so if you need a digi to play along you might check those out and get them before they’re gone!


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