Raise your hand if

you’ve ever had “one of those weeks.” You know the one I mean, where best laid plans and best of intentions are decimated by unforeseen events and random happenstance. Where you just want to bury your face under your sweet pillow with thoughts of sugar plums dancing in your head and wish the world away. Nothing amazingly horrible is going on just one million tiny pinpricks add up and you just want to throw up your hands and just go BRING IT ON!

Yeah…… lol.

Laying in bed at 5am I realized we haven’t gotten Esme’s school stocking project done and its due this morning *prick* and I need to arrange for the school to give her the benydril today *prick* and some of the things I wanted to do for the craft fair tonight need doing *prick* That’s when I got out of bed and said BRING IT ON DAY!

I gotta go wake up the poor monkey in a couple minutes (she’s not going to be keen on that) BUT before I jet I have my Dollies LO from this week to share 🙂


Like I need to say it but alot of Sass going on here with a smidge of Hambly and K & Co.
This lil tree frog would be on the window of our front door like every other day this summer. I can’t imagine how he was getting good clingage on the glass so since I was the first to leave in the AM I would move him back to the tree so some unwitting soul wouldn’t slam the door closed and have him sale into oblivion. He on the other hand would hop up my arm and once went down my back when I tried to put him on the tree. Esme had to get him off lol. He was a cute frog! I love in the vertical pic where you can see his lil frog toes reaching out and wrapping around the hosta stem 🙂 Good shots if I do say so meself, and I do. 🙂


  • Kellie Winnell

    Raises BOTH hands to the ceiling! ME, that is soo me this week! But then on another note I love your LO and since we moved we have been having non stop frogs lol!

    Hope your day gets better today hun, as you say BRING IT!

    Hugs xx

  • DonnaMundinger

    Had a few pricks myself this morning. That's why I was up at 2:45. LOL Notice I'm blog hopping instead of getting anything done, though. Adorable layout. That frog sure is a cutie! xxD

  • The Dreaming Bear

    How cute….the lil' froggy sounds like a fun guy!!! Always fun to visit your happy space in blogland! Cheers to you, and good luck dealing with the "pricks." Hee.

  • Amy

    I have been having a whole month of those days LOL…but BRING IT ON like you said!! hehe the froggy is ADORABLE! Love the layout, all that SASS!!

  • Kim Sonksen

    How wicked are those pictures?? And how uber-wicked is the layout??!?? Love that frog-butterfly combo going on here

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