Work Wednesday – lots of things

I’ve got a ton of projects going on! One is something fun for the holidays that we are hoping to roll out by Thanksgiving for Some Odd Girl. Here is a lil piccy from my desk (that is piled so dang high again *sigh*)

I worked on this from start of the day till 10pm last night with a few breaks and am happy to say my part is DONE. Now its DHs turn to work out the rest of the bugs πŸ™‚ Yeah, that’s a lil vauge but I can’t share ALL our secrets, what fun would that be?
Next, which is my project for today, since starting selling at the craft shows my number one question has been “do you sell these online”? And I would say we are working on it and now its coming true! You are not going to find any merch at either place yet, that’s how new this is, but you’ll soon be able to go to www.someoddgirldesigns.com and someoddgirl.etsy.com and pick up some SOGgy creations. Yes, definitely cards that I make but I’m hoping to have other things as well πŸ™‚ like some of those flowers I made and some prints and other art. Some Odd Girl Designs (the website) doesn’t even have a basic layout yet while the etsy at least has a banner πŸ™‚ We’re diversifying as DH likes to call it LOL! 
What are you working on today?


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