is usually Monday Inspiration but today I’m a bit under the weather and TIRED from the weekend. Hard workin! LOL! So I thought I’d show some tweaks I was “inspired” to make to my booth for this past weekend’s fair. I have one more before christmas so ALL HANDS ON DECK YO!

I found these fabby yarn mats (hot pads???) at a second hand store for 69 cents each! I am in love with them!  They are uber thick and in the perfect cheery colors. I had to have them, didn’t know what I was going to DO with them but that’s besides the point lol. The shutters need a new coat of paint (hoping this weekend but I hear snow in the forecast… its 60 right now! wtf michigan?!) but we made some strides with our frames for signage and the cute tags we made! I designed stickers (vista print) and DH helped me by punching and sticking. Isn’t he such a lovey? 🙂 
My fav part was the tree! I love how it turned out! I had that thing just sittin in storage, got a new topper (HL 50% off baby!) and hung the ornaments and Christmas cards from them 🙂 
I sold a lil of everything so I am pleased. I think it would have gone better but there was another cardmaker/paper crafter there (who was before me in the traffic flow to boot) who was selling some cards and very simple lil giftie tags and boxes. She made a killing! I hate her yet am jealous I didn’t think of it LOL. The hate, besides she got luck of the traffic flow (HA!), is all of her stuff was so “production line” and overly…. cheap isn’t a good word but it didn’t have any love in it if you know what I mean. I’m the only paper crafter at the Dec 10-11 show so fingers crossed! 
I know a few of you also had fairs this weekend so LET ME SEE THOSE PICS!!! 
  • Diana Fisher says:

    The tree does look fab!!!! I wish i had a trip planned this Dec. to visit my mom in MI, I would so go to your next fair if I was.

  • Cassie says:

    I love the white tree…Everything just pops!!

  • Kim Sonksen says:

    First off – how kewl is that tree???!!!! I am in awe!!
    And I am loving those business cards.

  • MaRLeNeF says:

    Hi Kristy, I really love your blog! Come on over to my blog, I have something for ya:

  • bosenberries says:

    love the colour scheme you went with… pity about your table position. You will be much better off when you are the only paper crafter for sure!! Good luck! Robin

  • margie c says:

    OhMyGosh! What an amazing display! I loooove the white Xmas tree! and the shutter display is brilliant! Beauitful job! Good luck on the next one 🙂
    hugs, margie

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