Monday Inspriation – Etsy Holidays

I am spending a lil time getting somethings into my Etsy Shop (YAY!) and find myself getting in that holiday mood. Here at home my craft area/office has taken over the spot we had the christmas tree last year so I am not entirely sure WHERE its gonna go this year but that’s not going to stop me from getting in the holiday spirit! So, I was browsing Etsy as I stuck some cards in my shop for some fun things to decorate with that look like I can do. Seriously, what crafty person doesn’t look at other crafty stuff and say “I can make THAT!” It might never happen but still 🙂 Anyways here are some fun things…

(click the pic to take you to the shop)
I know I’ve only scratched the surface but I’m already all geeked for holiday decorating!!! Do you have any projects started yet?

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  1. Those are cute! I might have to do a pom pom garland. I'm knitting minature hats and mittens for our tree!

  2. Great inspiration! LOL I say that all the time, hubby does it too- we'll be wondering through a craft fair and he'll whisper in my ear 'you could do that!' But of course, like you say, I never get round to it!! He's impressed I'm finally making cards and have a hobby!!

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