More weekend randomness lol

attempt number two at this post… blogger deleted the first one when I hit post…sigh

SO I’ve had a couple people ask me lately what I’d like for my upcoming birthday (none of them are my husband if you can’t guess LOL) so I thought I’d share, any hope you’ll share too, things I’ve been eyeballin for a while now.

First off

This is Snuggle from the Momiji Hero Dolls Collection. I was lucky enough to get Lucky from my lovie Leah for my bday last year and I broke and bought Thank You and Peace for myself a couple months ago but this lovely is next on my list of wants! I heart Momiji!
Next I go to Etsy, who DOESN”T love Etsy? seriously! I can always find some yummy goodness on Etsy!
is HAWT! I heart the funky knit and the big ass button. Not to mention it has great colors and looks plenty big for my noggin 🙂
Next I’d heart to have this necklace in my small stash of neckwear
I’ve only got a couple necklaces that have made it into the rotation and I heart this color and it would be a perfect fit! 
Lastly, this AWESOME thing would just be freakin AWESOME in my crafty area and is my number one craving!
Isn’t it AWESOME???!!! I absolutely HEART this! I say that word 1 million times a day and a banner with it just makes me smile 🙂 
Well there’s MY wish list, what’s on yours? I’m headed off to the antique fair tomorrow where I’m hoping to find a couple fun things for my booth. I’m sure I’ll get some piccys to share! HUGS!
  • Kim Sonksen says:

    Yeah thanks Dude…like I SO needed another thing to collect. Now that you have shown me the Mommijs, I need to have them. I saw that bunny one and totally squeaked out loud…darn you ;))))

    I totally dig that hat and necklace, they would both fit you perfectly.

    BTW when IS your birthday? I think that occasion calls for a card 🙂

  • Kristy says:

    HA! That bunny one is so you LOL! I'm so glad I could enable someone all the way in the UK! My powers of persuasion must be strong indeed 😀 My bday is coming up Oct 12. I will be one last step closer to 30 hehe

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