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Antique Fair

Well I went, I saw, I kicked the antique fairs BUTT. I came back with some good beginnings for my crafty booth I think, bones are in place! I’ve got to show you guys some of the odd things I found at the fair. First off to get into our local antique fair you have to go to the fair grounds and pass under this

Hey chicken, hows it hangin? That sucker is like 8 ft or more tall, I’ve never measured LOL. Well after we went thru the great chicken gate we got to shoppin! Here’s some things for ya…
There was this whole crazy row of cast iron horse heads
Santa’s had a lil too much sun I think

This was just cute. Teach you tiny to type?

This got a second take… everyone says its cute but I can’t help but to find it a bit creepy and sad…

Santa is watching… always watching…

Well that was my day! I came back with some shutters, a shelf unit and this sweet lil case that I LOVE. DH looked at it and says “what are you doin with THAT?” well I am going to put stuff in it DUH! LOL What fun did you do this weekend?

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