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Well I finally feel like I’m settled in home only 5 days later LOL. We had a fabby trip down in Chicago and in addition to going to the CHA Supershow we got to see some fun things along the way. I’ve put together a few fun pics from our trip that I wanna share. First….

This was our sight as getting into Chicago. See that traffic? SIGH. It was stressful as everyone seems to just assume they can get over and merge lanes. But the skyline is great. We made a beeline that first day to see one of the family attractions of our trip…
We went to Legoland! The kids had a blast! It was seriously amazing to see all the things you can make from the tiny blocks. There was even a Lego Obama inside LOL.This giraffe greeting us going in the door was just the sweetest thing with her ruby lips and heart glasses! afterwards we hit up Ikea for the first time in that trip LOL. The next day (Thursday) we went to Sheds Aquarium…
I DO have a piccy of the outside but the architecture of the inside is amazing!!! I actually enjoyed my long wait in line so I could look at all the details on this wonderful building. We went to the FantaSea show and while we didn’t get to see the regular show b/c of techi problems the kids were happy as long as dolphins were jumpin!
Have I mentioned how much I love my camera? 🙂 Every time a fin peaked the water my kids went BANANAS! They are in love 🙂 Later we saw some jelly fish that I could just stare at…
SOOOOOO purty!!! the colors and all the wavey movement was beautiful! After the aquarium we went to the Baltimore fountain. This fountain is my mental image to sum up the trip…
Do you see the rainbow? 
I took a ton of pics to make sure I got the rainbow in the pic! So AWESOME!!! I could have stared at it forever 🙂 Of course I had to get the fam to pose in front…
I had DH take pics of me with the kiddos but the ZOOM function seems to be a foreign concept to my hubby  🙁 . After that we gratefully went back to the hotel to relax. But along the way saw some fun signage…
Hollerbach! Hollerback! LOL! I want my funeral there!

Wait… Bars are for families now???

I counted 26 of these billboards on our trip up… and that was after I started counting! There were plenty before that! They all looked the same except the message across the top. Someone has quite an advertising budget! 
Then on Friday and Saturday we got to go the the SuperShow! There was TONS to see! So many people! I found a booth owned by people who live down the street from my out in the boonies ass. THAT might have been the craziest part of the trip. Hundreds of miles away and we find them LOL! But I think one of the best bits of the supershow was getting to meet Odd Girl Marcie live and in person!
DH did purty good with this piccy I will admit (though I did zoom in and crop myself LOL). Marcie is just too fabby for words and I have to say, her glasses are AWESOME! I love my orange bling but, not that you can see it, shes got a double row on each side on hers! Fabby! She’s certainly my type of girlie! 
I think I might have been the only crafter to come out of there without blowing the bank. I got 4 sets of nesties, 3 refills for my Glue Glider (buy 2 get one free and 20% off the price to boot!), a 7 Gypsies Reciept Holder, Jenni Bowlin Bingo Cards, the Sassafras Cherry Delicious Pack and a Cuttle Bug Folder. 
Yup I’m lame LOL. I couldn’t even squeeze thru the PTI booth and I SO wanted to! I took alot of piccys of booths for my to ponder for the future 🙂 Well that’s my trip in a nut shell. Glad to be home!


  • bosenberries

    Great pics Kristy… looks like you had a fab holiday! Still laughing over the funeral sign though, that's gold!

  • Marcie S.

    Love all the pics…wow- we look pretty good don't we!? LOOOOOOVED getting to meet you! Hopefully we get an opportunity to do it again sometime!

  • Crystal_235

    I so want to go to Lego Universe. One of my boys is REALLY into legos. And I'm debating about surprising him with this next year, or doing something special for us. Next year is my 10 year anniversary!!

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