Well I think I can’t wait for this week to be over! Its only Monday you say? Don’t remind me! LOL! That’s not nice 🙂 Esme had her testing for kindergarten this morning and she has been declared MORE than ready! WOOT! This is all day kindergarten people! I am excited. She is excited. She will get to ride the bus which she can’t stop talking about. Mostly asking when the bus will come and my explanation of how long till kindergarten is simply not sinking in. I’m super happy that she loves school but I really hope that this isn’t going to last all summer. I may have to shoot myself in the face by august if that is the case. j/k… kinda LOL. She has preschool graduation on Friday and then is off for the summer. YAY!

That means no running BUT that means we can start official potty training with dude. This will be our third go but now we don’t have to take him anywhere and can really do it in force! He’s signed up for 3-school in the fall and can only go if he’s potty trained so fingers crossed! I am looking forward to a no diaper house but at the same time I think deep down he is more stubborn than sis so it will be battle on!

To top it all off I went back to the Dr for my stupid ear again today. My Dr is fabby! I love her! No BS, just straight up get’er done answers. No skirting anything as was illustrated when she looks in my left ear (the worse of the two) and I hear “EWWWW! There is so much fluid in there I can see air bubbles!” I will assume the bubbles are from my brain boiling away 🙂 You think I could go on leave from that? Well I now have a double shot of nasal spray for two weeks and if THAT doesn’t help then I get to have temp tubes put in my ear! I will take the spray thank you very much! Though I have decided that nasal spray is the devil. There is nothing wonderful about it but the fact it will keep me from tubes. Tubes that I’m told that they don’t put you under for like they do lil kids. All adults get is some numbing drops and then you get to hold still while they do it. Not cool my friends! I am a giganto wuss here! I puke and about pass out with blood draws so this won’t be fun at all! I will take the nausea and dizziness the spray is causing.

See what I mean. Crazy. Busy and crazy! BUT I did manage to get three, yes three, LOs done this weekend. Sorry they are all for June at the Dollies. But they are purty fun. I think I needed a change of scenery and heading to the LSS really helped. I packed three page kits I put together with my sketches added trimmer and adhesive and was out! I cranked those babies out in 2 hours! Then I had time to stop at BigLots and get a CuttleBug. Woot. No fun dies or folders but they are on sale at HL this week! Thursday baby! I’m just interested in folders rather than dies b/c I have my Sil.

Anyways, I do have a couple goodies to share before laying down to try and survive heat and nausea…

One from the Dollies this week…..(or last week I guess)

Here is my trifecta take…

Next my card for the Some Odd Girl Challenge blog. Leah put forth three patterned papers from three dif manufactures and for some reason it was HARD. It was during mojo drought so that didn’t help.

The companies are Basic Grey, Sassafrass and Pebbles Inc.
Alrighty lovies! I’ll hit you up later! I have to go and maybe snooze after I make the kiddos some food.
  • Jennifer says:

    Wow, I hope your week flies by. Sorry about the ears. Last year I had an ear ache that wouldn't go away and I felt I was in a tunnel for about six months YUCK! I'll pray for a short recovery. GOOD LUCK.

  • aussiescrapper says:

    Sorry to hear about your ear problems, I had my ears syringed after the nose and ear drops didn't work, it seriously is the best feeling, I felt like a different person. I hope the drops work the same way for you. Love Melxx

  • bosenberries says:

    Good luck with the potty training… third time lucky, I hope!! Oh, to pawn of one of my children for the whole day… dream….. Love the layout….

  • Sasha Holloway says:

    that card is amazing .. love it and that sketch is so so cute .. can I try it .. totally will link back up to you once I post it ..

    Sasha Holloway

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