I’m ridiculous!

Really? April 9th???  *gwah* Instead of blogging I’ve been an emailing networking fiend! Crazy! I’ve got a couple things for you all and an award from my crafty-BF Metal 🙂

First from Some Odd Girl today… Leah screwed me with the no patterned paper challenge so I pouted and went all white. Then that backfired on me with sheer tediousness. You’ll see what I mean…

I just the houndstooth out with my Sil and had to punch out all the tiny bits. That reminds me not to do that again! HA! at least until I forget and just like the look, then you can listen to me bitch about it all over again! LOL
Next I got my Trifecta from Design Dollies today! Its gotta be one of my FAVS. Its got Sass and Hambly and plastic silverware. YES really plastic silverware. 🙂
When I came up with the idea I had to giggle. But it was SO PERFECT! How could I NOT do it??? Let’s see what YOU can do with the Trifecta!!! I double dog dare you! HA! Got ya now!

Last but definitely not least My Doll Metal gave me this award!

Its the cutest dang blog award I’ve seen yet!

Awards mostly comes with tags, so I’m supposed to list 10 things that make me happy, then 5 pieces of trivia about me before I tag 5 bloggers. Here goes!

  1. Houndstooth. No idea why, I’m just in love with the pattern
  2. Friends!!! Leah, Adina SMOOCHES
  3. Fam. You HAVE to say those!
  4. A pad of strathamore windpower vellum bristol and a 9mm click pencil. That was specific. LOL
  5. Slurpees from 7-11
  6. Real Sangria. I’m a lil lush LOL
  7. My Canon Powershot SX20-IS. That camera is the mac daddy!
  8. the Momiji Doll my lovie Leah got me for my BDay.
  9. Snuggles with my kids and hubby
  10. the sound of my Son’s tiny voice. It always makes me smile.
my trivia…
  1. I am very good at pretending to be a loud mouth but am by and large a shy girl
  2. My mouth gets me into trouble
  3. I am not very good at taking a compliment. I feel like a tool and all awkward when I try to respond.
  4. I am very good at remembering jingles. 
  5. I would love to live my life as an artist. Just draw my day away. Be free.
Hope you’ve had a giggle! Now I need to pass this on… hmmm… I’m going to assume that you can’t duplicate the givers list or the giver so here’s what I’ve got…
  1. Kimmy
  2. Marcie
  3. Jennifer
  4. Diana
  5. Heidi
For once coming up with names is easy! HA! SMOOCHES ALL!
  • Jennifer says:

    Your projects are too cute! I love the plasticware idea. Thank you sooooo much for the award. You ROCK!

  • Heidi says:

    ~swearing LOUDLY!!!~ ok let's try this ONE MORE TIME. mf blogger has erased my loooooong comment TWICE so far. !%$*&^#$)(&HG^$%T^!!!

    you should've embossed the houndstooth pattern! i love my cuttlebug folder. i know firsthand how frustrating sil patterns can be – even though they are gorgeous!

    Love the misting on the 2nd l/o!

    and OMG grrrrrl! Thank you so much for the award! i am so HONORED!!! ~i got an award from kriiiissssty!~i got an award from kriiiiiissssty!~i got an award from kriiiiissssty!~

  • Diana Fisher says:

    OK, I love love love that card and how stinkin cute is that layout!! Saw it on the Dollies blog and earlier and I think my jaw dropped over how cute it was! Thanks for naming me, too!!! You know I absolutely love you and your talented self!!

  • Amy says:

    Awesomeeee card Kristy! Love the no patterned paper!

  • Kim Sonksen says:

    Yup – you totally are ridiculous dude, that houndstooth card is the wickedest funkiest card EVAH and for one moment I was really envious of your silhouette. But I stopped the green eyed monster as soon as I read about the punching out bit…rather you than me.
    BUT that card still rocks like Ozzy flippin' Osbourne.

    Thank you so much for the award – I loves you right back, coz you are aMOOzing *giggles*

  • Metal_Minish says:

    Sweet card, and I love that misted heart on the LO! Lovely work!

    Thanks for playing along with the tag & award, it's always fun to read peoples answers ;3

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