Blog Crazy!

Its like I finally remembered how fun it is to have a blog. LOL. Yet another post, you guys must be sick of seein my happy ass poppin up on your dashboard/reader. Well  !!! I just got done postin today’s Sketch Challenge over at Design Dollies so I thought why don’t I just pop on over here and do my own post about it? Already on blogger… I can be twice as annoying! Go me!  So here is the sketch…
And here is my take…
The LO is me saying goodbye to my old camera. The kids killed it so we had to get a new one but I loved this camera enough that I felt like I was loosin a trusty friend. The journaling says “We had some great times and took some great pics but all good things must come to an end… usually by tiny hands.” Isn’t it soooo true? Well I am the proud owner of a Canon Powershot SX20 IS! I lurv this camera! My Powershot A630 had treated me SO well that I got another one. My only complaint on my new camera is that it didn’t come with a physical manual. You had to download the 180 page PDF, which is probably why no book but its just easier to flip thru an ACTUAL book kwim? You can put it in your camera bag and take it along. Oh well. I am slowly figuring it out 
Well check ya later lovies! I am outtro! I am gonna work on Heidi’s GDT Sketch over at Sketchy Thursday! So there may be another post from me today… I know… I torture you!
  • Leah the Orange says:

    omg, you figured out how to put those little dudes in your blog post. that is just ridiculous and fabulous, and i love you!

    farewell, Kristy's old camera. welcome, new one. tsk tsk, little hands!

    i wanna do Heidi's sketch, too!

  • Crystal_235 says:

    That is so true about a book. I'd rather have something I could glance at, then having to go online and get it.

    Love the sketch and the page you created.

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