OMG I feel so loved!!!

I got a package in the mail today and I totally teared up when I opened it and found a card wishing me Happy Birthday and wonderful words of lovies! That was so awesome!!!!! Not only that this friend sent some wonderful goodies!

There are definitely some of my obsessions in there…
chipboard, ball trim, and the pinnicle…
I had looked at longingly…
used it for our new blog…

I couldn’t figure out what would be so heavy before I opened the package but this is sooooo wonderful!!! So without further ado
THANK YOU SO MUCH TRIXIE!!! YOU ARE THE BESTEST FRIEND A GIRL COULD HAVE!!! not that I didn’t think that before LOL! GO! Show your love to my Dollie Trixie (or Leah as she’s better known as)! She gives so much that everyone should show their love πŸ™‚
Ok I need a kleenex now πŸ™‚
  • Leah the Orange says:

    LOVE YOU, dollie.
    i SO had my fingers crossed that someone hadn't beaten me to it and found the doll for you. i knew you'd love all the goodies – ENJOY them, and happy belated birthday. *big squeeze*

  • Emily says:

    OMG, what a friend!! Leah is wonderful…I'll agree to that. She's left some wonderful comments on my blog, and I love getting to know her thru her blog and the Dollies blog. Happy Belated Birthday to you Kristy!! Love ya!

  • Diana Fisher says:

    What an awesome friend… but then again I knew your Leah had it in her!

  • KarenB says:

    What a fabulous friend and a cool gift πŸ™‚

    Thanks for leaving such a nice message on my blog x

  • Vel says:

    Happy birthday and what a wonderful package. Love the lil doll.

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