Maybe this one will work LOL

Not sure why blogger went stupid earlier this week and NO ONE could comment on my post. Too weird! So maybe this one will work. If not then blogger will SO be hearing from me!!! Well I don’t have any crafty goodness to show right now (probably tomorrow 🙂 ) but I do have something nice to show you…

That is my new purse! WOOT! Lynda is such an awesome lady to put up with me for about a week now LOL! She went out of her way to find me one that I love and that is it! It will look so happy when it turns white and dreary(er) outside here in Michigan! I also ended up buying a lil mirror to go in my bag and a pin. SO cute!!! So check out her etsy site or her .com for cuteness you can buy of your own 🙂
Second is my bad news. As I complained last post DH broke my power pack on my laptop (thanks again DH) well the first one arrived and it was the wrong one. Wll he reordered andd this one arrived today BROKEN. Yes, that’s right. BUSTED. BROKEN. DAMAGED. I’m soooo mad! I want my F’in laptop! No one will get to touch it after this! 😛
SO that’s my good and the bad LOL! Come back tomorrow for some craftiness and don’t forget to go check out this weeks challenges at Design Dollies! Tomorrow is my sketch challenge if you’re up for it 😉
  • Vel says:

    OMG that bag is too cool!

  • Chuck says:

    Here's a comment.

  • Leah the Orange says:

    the purse is LOVELY! and the pin – well i guess you HAD to, right? hee hee… great choice in colours and whatnot, Dollie! this is your birthday present to yourself, yes? 😀

    what did you think of Zombieland then?

  • Kristy says:

    NUT UP OR SHUT UP! LMAO!!! I totally HEART Zombieland!!! What did you think Trix?

    I think that might be my christmas present LOL as I didn't realize DH wanted me to hold off on ordering for a week… whoops LOL. ITS ORDERED NOW! HA!

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