I keep meaning to do this

but there seriously seems to be a lack of hours in the day! Work has gone crazy as old boss got demoted and a new one installed. With that comes growing pains that are more a pain for the rest of us that for boss man LOL.

Anyways, amongst other things, I got a few things done for my monthly kit club’s online crop this weekend. Sucks that I always have to work weekends but right now a job is certainly a job! SO I participated in I think 7 of the 14 challenges which I didn’t think was bad considering the fact that I only had about 7 hours worth of work time. Averaging one hour per LO is pretty sweet I think!
Here’s a couple for ya for now. I might just stretch this out so I have more to post later LOL
I also received a pretty sweet blog award that I will have to do a post on next since I need to gather my thoughts for all the bits to go with it! Its super special to me b/c this came from a follower that I’m not good friends with and encouraged me just for the fact that she loved my stuff. šŸ™‚ Makes me all teary! So be on the look out for that soon!!!
TFL and all comments are loved and treasured!!!
  • Tracey says:

    fabulous…as always!!! i am so behind on my blog too!!! trying so hard to catch up, just have to um…create something first! LOL!!! your stuff rocks!!!

  • Adrienne says:

    Too cute!! šŸ˜€ love your layouts!! šŸ˜€ I am having a hard time blogging lately too!!

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