Having fun with some Challenges!

I decided to have some fun with some challenges today! There were two great prompts that really caught my attention! 

One is from Punk Rock Scrappers. Their challenge is “For this challenge, the title of your LO must be “WTF” or “What the Fuck” and you MUST use a photo! Find your most bizarre-explination-requiring photo and have fun!” I didn’t really have a bizarre photo BUT I seemed to have had a bizarre state of mind which is showed by the wonderful choices with my hair…
The other one is from Dream Girls. Their challenge was: 
Challenge #25:

Prompt: Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper 

Create a project using part of the lyrics as your title or journaling

You can find the lyrics here
Time after time

Product: Must have a clock visible on your LO

Technique: Sewing or faux stitching

Here is my take on the challenge. It gave me a chance to break out somethings that I was hording. The little “vials” are actually little hour glasses! How cool is that? I never thought I’d have a good place to use them!
Thanks for Looking!


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