Ad This Guest Designer!

This week I am officially the Ad This! Guest Designer!!! The Challenge was kinda hard! Especially the twist (use 5 different embellies from 5 different companies). I tend to make stuff and paint so it was really hard to find everything that I wanted. 

Here is the ad…
Here is my take!
I had to think really hard how to get all the elements that I liked on the ad on to my page but I dare say it turned out well! I hope some of ya will go over and check out their blog, it was really fun!
On another note is anyone else sick of crazy shipping costs? I REALLY REALLY REALLY want one (or two or three) of the Ketto Stamps at Stamping Bella but shipping for one is like $10!!! For one $7 stamp. I would love to buy them all at once but alas I can’t and at $7 a piece that’s one at a time. But with that shipping its a no go at all!!! My laptop bag I ordered yesterday will ship for $6!!! C’mon! Anyone know where to get those cheaper? Or at least with non crazy shipping?
Thanks for looking!!!
  • Shawnsgirl315 says:

    I can totally agree with the crazy shipping costs. I’m sure there are more than just us that don’t buy because of it. Maybe for oversized or heavy or 12×12, but for little stuff, come on. My favorite place, YMBD, (link on my blog), has flat rate shipping which is awesome.

  • Shawnsgirl315 says:

    Oh, and the best part that I didn’t mention- the flat rate is 3.00!

  • Saskia says:

    Lovely work!!


  • Lissa says:

    Awesome page Kristy! Congrats on being a guest designer. And the shipping….yeah, I get that totally. There are some Glitz papers I have been wanting, they don’t sell them locally and the best price I could find for shipping was 7.95, for 6 sheets of paper that come to around $5!


  • Carmen says:

    Great LO!

  • Lisa Spiegel says:

    I love your layout- it was fun playing along with you! I get you on the shipping, there were some stamps I wanted from the same place but unless I can find a friend to go in on an order with me, it’s usually not worth it.

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