On a Scrappy Roll!

I’ve been workin on challenges today from a group on Cafemom and for me this is a lot to get done in one day! Between house work, kids and other general-ness I’m quite pleased 🙂 I have to get to bed early (gotta be up to go to work at 4:30am 😛 )  so I had to stop for the night. There is at least one more challenge for me to do there before I get to future work for If the Shoe Fits

I did like 3 cards today which, and I know I keep saying this, is alot for newbie-card-maker me. I will keep calling myself newbie-card-maker until I feel comfortable doing it. You might hear that term for another year LOL!!! Anyways here they are! Feel free to critique all you want. Just no haters please 🙂
 This last little project is a fridge magnet. I think it turned out too cute. I love the little detail that dd has a heart drawn on her hand in the pic. They love each other even though I break up little fights DAILY.  
The first two cards ACTUALLY have destinations in mind LOL! I never make things while thinking ahead. I feel totally smartsy this time!!! I’m not sure I WANT to give away my cupcake card. Its too cute! The icing part is white felt too. I might just keep it and put it on display LOL.
BTW, did anyone else see the new KETTO stamps at Stampin’ Bella??? I like the Bella’s, never got any of my own, but these are so me! I WANT THEM! I think I’ve fallen hard for stamping LOL someone stop me!
  • lesleyworth says:

    BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I cannot even believe that you are a beginner card maker! You ROCK girlfriend!!!

  • Rachel says:

    Love the new cards! I really really like the guitar one! GREAT JOB 🙂

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