Book of Me Title Page

I started working on my Book of Me. The biggest hurdle has been getting over having my picture taken. 2 kids, being married, time and all the things that has come with it has made it not so very wonderful for me. Its getting better. I’m getting some decent pics. I like the idea that my kids will have this someday to look at and know their momma a little better. But here is my title page. TFL!!!

  • Nelle says:

    I taught a Book of Me Series a couple of years ago, and this page was the hardest to get everyone to do. You did a great job on yours. And the photo is really nice.

  • Carmen says:

    Great job now keep up the good work….it is hard to remember to take pics of oneself, isn’t it? I make a point to do it every other month.

  • Diane Davies says:

    Love the LO! I think that’s the big problem with me doing a Book of Me – is not sure that I like me right now. Well, they way I look anyway. Aren’t we so hard on ourselves?!!

  • Heather Bares says:

    this page is gorgeous

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