need to move out some stuff!

My MIL recently came over to my house for a crop and left a few things that she had just purged from her space. She ended up leaving them here, obviously thinking I would take them as she said “I don’t want to take these home.” Well, since I didn’t need them, I thought instead of tossing them I would offer them up in my own small online garage sale!!! I hope I can get this to load in some orderly manner. I just thought of this today so if you are interested and want to know about shipping costs email me at Let’s see if I can get this to work…

  1. SOLD!!! $3 each section comes apart and is 11.5 in tall and 3 in across
  2. $2 6.5″x2.75″
  3. $1.50 each 5.25″x2″
  4. SOLD!!! $1 each the taller one is 5.75″x1.33″ the shorter one is 5″x1.66″
  5. $0.50 each there are 23 of these. They are stackable. These are the Memory makers embellishment containers.
  6. SOLD!!! $3 little tic tac style conatiners, perfect for brads and eyelets and other small embellishements.
  7. SOLD!!! $2 each about 7.5″x7″x7″
  8. SOLD!!! $5 about 12″x9.5″x10.75″
  9. SOLD!!! $4 ribbon box
  10. SOLD!!! $3 two tiered expanding file, great for all your scraps.
  11. $1 each there are 4 of these picture sorting envelopes they are long enough to hold your landscape size photos or just sorting your pics for different LO’s to take to a crop.
  12. I am going with $1 for small, $2 for medium and $3 for Large stamps. Please email me ( with an offer or questions or anything I’m welcome to anything on these!!!
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  • Marion says:

    What a great idea, I have a ton of stuff I would like to get rid of! That’s a whole other project though! I’m still working on fixing my scrap room up for the third time and hopefully the last! Love your pages by the way!

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