Scrap Space – A work in progress

Here is a wonderful pic of the old wall of my scrap space. A bit of a mess … ok, a lot of a mess! I know I was going to wait for my birthday in October but I simply couldn’t!!! I could enlarge my space and make it so fuctional and perfect for less than $50! $18 for the MDF for the counter top, $14 for the clip it up clips and the rest for all the odds and ends (new rail for the shelves, two shelf brackets, a curtain rod). OOOOOO!!!! I’m so excited!!! We decided it would be easier to move the shelves and things while the counter top wasn’t there so I started on that last night. As soon as the kids go down for nap today (hopefully since they haven’t napped in 3 days… can you say CRANKY!!!), I’m going to box up my stuff, roll up the rug, move the computer to its new home on my old table (kids can’t get the keyboard!!!) and move the drafting table. I may even accomplish a little demo by taking down the section where the computer sits now.

This move is going to be GREAT for me but DH will also get a much better space as well. I think that may be why he didn’t mind getting started on this earlier tha we had planned lol. He’ll have a nice section of counter top for the computer and then can turn around and draw or whatever a the drafting table. It will be very functional.

On the right you can see the section of the new space that we set up last ight. Right now what is up is about the size of my old space but the wall with the stamps ad paints is on the short wall. I have the large section of shelves and my homemade clip it up section to be put up on the other wall yet to go. My hubby says after we drop the kids off at Grammy’s tonight we can stop and get the MDF for the table. We already have the paint so between putting things in the dumpster (large industrial dumpster for all our remodeling remnants)I’ll be painting my table. It should be done by the end of the weekend!!! YAY!!! I’m on vacation all next week so… til next time!

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  • Diane Davies says:

    Oh how fun! A new space to play in! Can’t wait to see it all when it’s finished. My space is in desperate need of re-organizing. I’m trying to do it but haven’t done much with it lately. : (

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