This LO was loooooong in the making mainly b/c of 2 reasons 1) I put alot of elements and stitching into this one and 2) I did not have anything that worked for a title. I just got the chipboard letters today but the LO has been finished for over a week. We also had a big storm and power outage while this one was in the works.

The LO is about my dd and her love of the sand box. She could literally play in that sandbox forever. Her imagination is something to be envied and such a site to behold. I am constantly amazed with what she comes up with.

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  • kristi says:

    hi..i am in asns (kflores) and your blog neighbor! i love this page! i think stitching, hand or machine, is beautiful on layouts. you did a great job!

    kristi :o)

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